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Normal Schedule

Summer Sailings

Monday thru Sunday
1pm to 3pm & 5pm to 7pm
Spring Forward

Winter Sailings

Monday thru Sunday
12pm to 2pm & 4pm to 6pm
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Starlight Fun Cruise

7:30PM to 9:30PM
Available upon request

Moonlight Cruise

7:30PM to 9:30PM
Available upon request

Bella on the Bay, Monterey
Let's Go Sailing!!!
Sailing Charter Adventures, Romance or Both!
Create Your Own Custom Sailing Charter
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Bella On The Bay, Monterey: A Luxury 47 Foot Italian racer/cruiser sailing yacht available for your personalized sailing charters on Monterey Bay, to exceed your expectations and desires. Take this opportunity to live your dream... As if she were your sailing vessel and we are your captain and crew. A simple call to (818)-822-2390 and Bella will be ready for your sailing charter on Monterey Bay.
Bella sailing on Monterey Bay, California
sunset on Bella
Whether it's an exciting afternoon sailing charter for your family and friends, or a romantic sunset sailing cruise with that special someone.  With you at the helm sailing or with the Captain at the helm sailing. The charter is designed with you in mind, it's your choice to cruise or sail the Monterey Bay your way, Let's go sailing!
Call 818-822-2390 to schedule your private charter
Create Your Own Custom Sailing Charter

These packages are some suggestions, ultimately Bella is your boat, your way. We are your captain and crew. One of the major things that sets us apart from anybody else when you charter Bella, she sets sail when you want her to set sail. We work around your schedule, not ours. So call 818-822-2390 and be creative, let your imagination run wild. We will have Bella ready for you.

Available Nighty - Starlight Cruise 7:30 - 9:30
Or Moonlight sails by request
package 1
Still Water Cove at Pebble Beach
Your Monterey Bay sailing charter will begin with a cruise down the scenic coastline to Stillwater Cove. Then you will spend the night under the stars with the sounds of the ocean lapping at the hull and the seals on the rocks in the distance, while anchored at the 4th hole of Pebble Beach.  Enjoy watching the AT&T Tournament from the deck of Bella sipping your favorite beverage.  You'll have a enviable view of pros and celebrities at the fairway. Otherwise enjoy the reason it's called Stillwater Cove

Marine Sanctuary Cruise

Want to become a marine naturalist while enjoying a leisurely sail on Monterey Bay? If you have an inquisitive mind that has ever wondered: How deep is Monterey Bay? Who discovered this area? What’s the difference between seals and sea lions? How far do jellyfish travel? Who is the Great White Shark afraid of? Did you know that Monterey Canyon can fit the Grand Canyon inside? Or that newborn Blue Whales drink up to 50 gallons of milk a day? Or that sea otters can have 1 million hairs per square inch- that’s why they never look cold!!! Or that kelp forests are home to more than 700 different species of invertebrates and fish? If you’ve ever wanted to learn more in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere – then this is the cruise for you. Spend an afternoon with your very own marine biologist and get all your questions answered. Our Sanctuary cruises on Monterey Bay are a unique experience for the inquisitive, adventurous minds. See humpbacks, blue whales, dolphins, sea otters, and sea birds while learning about the natural history, geology, and wildlife of Monterey Bay. We offer well rounded natural history cruises, where you will learn about the early Indians, the Spanish explorers and the unique and amazing ecosystems of Monterey Bay. Learn about the wetlands of Elkhorn Slough, the diverse kelp forest communities, or the deep canyon habitats that plunge to 12,000 feet into Monterey Canyon. We also tailor experiences to your interests. f all you want to learn about is whales, then climb aboard, sit back & become a whale expert learning how many calves they have, how far they travel, how they communicate and who are their natural enemies.

Sea Otter

Whale Tail

package 1
Bella's Bed & Breakfast On The Water
Rock yourselves to sleep with the slight sway of the tide in your own private quarters. All the luxuries of home on the water. Candlelight, music, TV or just the sound of the water gently lapping the hull and the soothing lullaby of the rigging on the mast and the sound of the sea lions in the distance will put you quickly into a deep rem sleep. Wake to pancakes, bacon and eggs or the breakfast of your choice, to start your new day. My yacht is your yacht on the beautiful Monterey Bay Sanctuary.

Fireworks Spectacular
Sailing Monterey Bay on the 4th of July and at dusk we will anchor at the wharf in beautiful Monterey Bay.  You will enjoy the awesome display overhead without the crowd.
package 1
package 1
Big Sur Coastline Cruise
Cruise along the amazing world renowned Big Sur coastline.  There is so much to see when you sail Monterey Bay and it's national marine sanctuary.  Be sure to bring your camera and video equipment so you can capture the incredible experience.

Requires full day charter - for up to 6 guests total
Santa Cruz Adventure
We'll set sail for a fun day at the world famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk.  We will transport you from Bella to the shore. You will have all day to enjoy the sights.  Whether it's the quaint downtown shops, the beach or the rides at the Boardwalk this will be an experience you won't forget.

Requires full day charter - for up to 6 guests total
package 1
package 1

Pop The Question At Sea!
If you are looking for a unique way to 'pop the question' a romantic evening aboard Bella is your answer. Contact Christian Hestness for the endless possibilities.
Memorial Spreading Of Ashes At Sea
A special way to say goodbye in a place where they will always be close, the ocean. All my family is close because I'm on the ocean, and wherever I am in the world I'm near the ocean and my loved ones.
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